About Us

Founded in 2002, ATA Kurumsal Danışmanlık A.Ş. With a successful history is among the leading consulting firms in the service sector in Turkey and has the vision of being a regional leader

Behind the success of Ata Kurumsal is a customer-oriented and productivity-centered management approach. This approach develops not only with material gains but also with the awareness of corporate citizenship that the whole society will benefit from and will benefit from.

We have served over 1200 corporate and 1500 individual customers so far. We have provided our customers with high brand quality and a dynamic human resource with superior technology. The value of our brand not only within the borders of Turkey, we have increased the regional and global scale, there are greater goals.


Why Ata Kurumsal Consulting ?

All of our staff are experts and trained in their fields, and five different languages are spoken and written fluently in our company.

Our rules and procedures are apparent. Because that, our clients always one step ahead.

We have company cultures, we treat our employees fairly and we give special training them for developing their personal/technical skills.

Our rules are clear. We never break the rules. We take fast decisions and perform it owing to our experienced staff and departments

Every decisions we had, has a reason. We learn thanks to our job and we perform it to for our clients

Our job definition is fictionalised. We work with responsibility and we know what to do, what we have to do. We have experience and power for manage big projects.

Our Mission

Ata Kurumsal Consulting, development of Turkey’s various corporate social responsibility projects is focusing on the area support the implementation.


Aware of its responsibilities in all areas it supports, it acts with a vision that tries to be a pioneer and an example to the society, and contributes to the national economy and employment with its initiatives.


Ata Kurumsal Consulting social responsibility strategy; to improve the welfare of the society and to ensure the sustainability of development in terms of economic, cultural, social and environmental aspects with the projects it supports.

How Our Clients Find Us?

Google Searchs 87%
Customer Advices 75%
Internet Adversites 63%
Social Media 50%