Consultancy Costs

Ata Kurumsal Consultancy Price List


Work Permit


Service Domestic Abroad Transfer
Home Services 2000TL+KDV 2000TL+KDV 2000TL+KDV
Salesman etc. 2500TL+KDV 2500TL+KDV 2500TL+KDV
Company Partner 3000TL+KDV 3000TL+KDV 3000TL+KDV
Teacher, Doctor, Psychologist etc. 3500TL+KDV 3500TL+KDV 3500TL+KDV
Engineer, Architect, Managers 4000TL+KDV 4000TL+KDV 4000TL+KDV
Upper-level Managers, Pilots, Captains 5000TL+KDV 5000TL+KDV 5000TL+KDV
Animator, Masseuse, Acrobat etc. 3000TL+KDV 3000TL+KDV 3000TL+KDV


Residence Permit


Service First Application Extension
Long Term Residence Permit 2500TL+KDV 2500TL+KDV
Residence Permit for Family 2500TL+KDV 2500TL+KDV
Residence Permit for House Buyer 3000TL+KDV / Person 3000TL+KDV / Person


P.S. : For family residence permit, children aged 0-15 are charged 1000₺.


100% compliant private health insurance prices with a fully comprehensive residence permit

(Health insurance prices are written for 1 year.)


Age Charge
0-18 148TL
18-25 150TL
26-30 190TL
31-35 205TL
36-40 210TL
41-50 275TL
51-60 394TL
61-65 685TL


Turkish Citizenship Consultancy


Service Charge
Consultancy about Citizenship (45 mins) 100$ + KDV
Citizenship (Work Permit or Marriage) 3000$ + KDV
Citizenship by Investment

  • Citizenship through real estate investment,
  • Citizenship with government debt instruments investment,
  • Citizenship through mutual funds,
  • Citizenship by deposit account investment,
  • Citizenship through company investment,
  • Citizenship through employment.


Turquoise Card Consultancy (Applications has not started yet)


Application Charge 99$ + KDV
3 Years Consultancy Charge 1.000$ + KDV


Company Establishment in Turkey


The Company’s Paid-in Capital is less than 100.000 TL Company’s Paid-in Capital 100.000 TL The Company’s Paid-in Capital is more than 100.000 TL Company’s Paid-in Capital $ 2,000,000
Charge 2.000$ + KDV 5.000$ + KDV 6.000$ + KDV 10.000$ + KDV
Company Establishment
Chamber of Commerce Registration
Establish, Taxes and Fees
Residence Permit
Work Permit *
Accounting and Payroll Service (1 Year) *
Other Business Documents * *
Relocation (1 Year) * *
Legal Consultancy (1 Year) * *
Turkish Citizenship and Turkish Passport * * *
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