Minimum wages paid to foreigners in Turkey 2021

Minimum Wages to be Paid to Foreign National Workers 2021

Minimum wages  paid to foreigners in Turkey vary according to the sector to work

Minimum Wage for Foreigners 2021

Accordingly, the amounts to be paid to the foreigner, taking into account the minimum wage amount after the date of application, are at least;

  • Gross minimum wage for foreigners working in home services: 3.577,50 TL
  • 2 times the minimum wage for foreigners who will work in jobs such as masseurs, masseuses and SPA therapists, as well as foreigners who will work in acrobats and similar titles in Tourism-Animation organization companies
  • Minimum wage 1.5 times 3.577, 50 x 1.5 = 5.366, 35 ₺ for foreigners who will work in the status of an employee such as salesperson, marketing, export officer
  • 3 times of minimum wage for jobs that require expertise and skills like teachers, doctors. 3 x 3.577,50 = 10.732,50
  • 4 times the minimum wage for unit or branch managers and engineers and architects, 3,577. 50 x 4 = 14,310. 00 ₺
  • 6.5 times the minimum wage for senior managers, pilots and executive engineers and architects requesting pre-leave, 3,577. 50 x 6.5 = 23,253. 75 ₺


2021 Minimum Wage (Unmarried and Childless)
Minimum Wage 3.577,50 TL
Days 30
Daily Gross Fee 119,25 TL
Monthly Gross Fee 3.577,50 TL
Employee SSI Lot ( % 14 ) 500,85 TL
Employee Unemployment Insure ( % 1 ) 35,78 TL
Income Tax Basis 2.501,55 TL
Income Tax Amount ( % 15 ) 178,82 TL
Stamp Tax ( %07,59 ) 27,15 TL
Total Labor Cuts 751,60 TL
Net Amount (Without AGI) 2,561,59 TL
AGI (Unmarried and Childless) 268,31 TL
Net Amount (With AGI) 2.825,90 TL
2021 Net Amounts by Marital Status and Child Count
Unmarried Worker 2.825 TL
Married and Working Wife 2.825 TL
Married and Working Wife and 1 Children 2.865 TL
Married and Working Wife and 2 Children 2.905 TL
Married and Working Wife and 3 Children 2.959 TL
Married and Working Wife and 4 Children 2.986 TL
Married and Nonworker Wife 2.879 TL
Married and Nonworker Wife and 1 Children 2.919 TL
Married and Nonworker Wife and 2 Children 2.960 TL
Married and Nonworker Wife and 3 Children 3.013 TL
Married and Nonworker Wife and 4 Children 3.013 TL

How much is the Insurance Premium for Foreigners

For foreigners who work in home services and have international protection /temporary protection, the base salary is the minimum wage. The base wage for all other foreigners is one and a half times the minimum wage. In the table below, you can find the SGK premiums that you will pay to foreigners in 2021.

  • Minimum Wage :      3.577,50 TL – SGK Primi :   1.341,56
  • 1.5 times of Minimum Wage : 5.366,35 TL – SGK Primi :   2.012,38
  • 3 times of Minimum Wage : 10.732,500 TL – SGK Primi : 4.024,68
  • 4 times of Minimum Wage : 14.310,00 TL – SGK Primi : 5.366,25
  • 6.5 times of Minimum Wage: 23.253,75 TL – SGK Primi:   8.720,15

Note: The prices calculated from gross minimum wage.

You have to determine salary for your employee for his/her job from Ministry of Labors determined minimum wages before the work permit application. You may face a minimum wage penalty for each month in extension applications for applications that you make by entering an incorrect salary

Important:  The salary of a foreign staff should be provided in accordance with the criteria of the Ministry of Labour. The foreign employees SSI must be made according to the specified figures, otherwise the application for an extension will not be approved when the work permit extension period arrives, and all losses that may occur due to the missing SSI will be retrospectively reflected to you. Even if you refuse to obtain a work permit for a foreigner, you will unfortunately face this penalty.

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