Residence Permit for Under 18 Years Old Children in Turkey

The concept of residence permit for under 18 years old children in Turkey is one of the most asked questions by foreign families. As you know, foreigners must have a valid residence permit after completing their visa period in Turkey to stay longer. In addition, the foreigners under the age of 18, if they want to live in Turkey, they would need a residence permit in Turkey. On the other hand, there are different residence permit for foreigners in Turkey. These types of residence permits are listed as short-term residence permit, family residence permit, student residence permit, long-term residence permit, humanitarian residence permit and residence permit for victims of human trafficking. Residence permits of foreigners under the age of 18 appear in relation to family residence permit and student residence permit among the listed types of residence permits.

As we mentioned above, foreigners who want to get visa or visa exemption to benefit advantages, after completing their legal period, they must have a valid residence permit in Turkey to live much more in Turkey. Residence permits for foreigners in Turkey is organized by the Immigration Administration. In addition to the identity information of the foreigners, the residence permit duration is also stated on the residence permit document. On the other hand, obtaining a residence permit to foreigners staying in Turkey for at least 6 months, they will get a ID Number of Foreign Republic of Turkey is given. In the rest of our article, you can find the things that need to be known about obtaining a residence permit for foreigners under the age of 18.

Residence Permits for Children Under the Age of  18 Whose Family Obtained Family Residence Permit 

The family residence permit is provided for foreign families with the within the scope of Article 28 of Law No. 5901. Foreign families who have a valid residence permit or humanitarian residence permit in Turkey may apply for family residence permit in Turkey. In this way, family residence permit can be obtained to all children of foreigners under the age of 18. Foreigners under the age of 18 who have a family residence permit have the right to education in primary and secondary education institutions until the age of 18 without obtaining a student residence permit.

Foreigners under the age of 18 whose mother or father are Turkish citizens are obtained a residence permit for 5 years. Also, foreigners under the age of 18 whose mother or father have a residence permit obtain a residence permit.

Student Residence Permit for Over and Under 18 Years Old Foreigners

If the under 18 years old foreigners have no valid family residence permit and if they want to have primary and secondary degree education in Turkey, student residence permit would be given to them. As it is known, foreigners who want to study at primary and secondary education degree with family residence permit can continue their education until the age of 18 without the need for a residence permit. However, foreign students who have completed the age of 18 and are currently continuing their education at secondary degree education need to obtain a residence permit.

However, student residence permit can be obtained for foreigners who want to have education in Turkey during their education process. On the other hand, if a foreigner apply for a student residence permit in Turkey and if his/her family live in abroad, they should provide consent letter while applying for residence permit. Foreigners who will receive primary and secondary education may be granted a student residence permit for a period of one year throughout their education, with the consent of their parents or legal representatives, and this period can be extended.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment for Children Under 18 Years Old

While applying for Turkish citizenship by investment in Turkey, investors can apply for citizenship with their spouse and children under 18 years old. In this situation, foreign investor’s family members are not required to apply for a short-term residence permit or make an additional investment. Other family members can benefit from the citizenship application if some documents such as ID, passport documents, birth certificate, marital status document, photo are presented. In addition, children over the age of 18 can also obtain a permanent residence permit. In this article we’ve explained applying and obtaining conditions of residence permit for under 18 years old children in Turkey. If you have questions, please write us on comments section.

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moo Et
moo Et
07:38 06 Jan 21
Hello. Thank you for help and support and answering our questions. it is the second time that I ask a question because... I forgot the previous time. If someone want to apply for Short Term Resident Permit but the expiry date of Passport does not allow for one year, then is it possible to apply for shorter period like ten months and 120 days outside of Turkey rule still exist or not? Thank you againread more
Moh Eti
Moh Eti
06:38 06 Jan 21
Thank you very much for answering my first question. I forgot to ask the other question that I had. If my mother... passport does not allow her to apply for short term resident permit for a year because of expiry date of her passport can she apply for ten months instead of one year? I also heard that 120 days outside of country rule is not apply more
Cobb Cobb
Cobb Cobb
07:20 27 Nov 20
Hi i have finally received my residence card yesterday.5 months from start to finish 🤔The problem l have now is my... surname on my card is spelt incorrect.How can l get this fixed? Will it cost me more money if so how much? Will l need to give them a new photo?I went to open a bank account and was told that my address isnot linked to my card. Why is that?How do l get my address linked to the card?Am l able to still do this while l sort out the surname mistake?I am from Australia would l be able to extend my 12 months visa if l am still here?If not, what would l need to do so l was able to extend?Your help is much appreciatedread more
Anum Omair
Anum Omair
11:53 13 Nov 20
Hello, We are planing to apply for residence permit in turkey by investing in property, I have a question that my... husband will be the principal applicant (owner of property ) stays in abroad for 6 months in an year as he is a business person and he has to look after his business but on the other hand we (wife and 2kids) will stay in turkey and follow the protocol to get citizenship in 5 years period.1. will my husband be able to apply for citizenship of all 4 of us as the main applicant? if not?2. will I and my kids will be eligible to get citizenship, if we are eligible, will I be able to apply for his citizenship based on my citizenship status?Or what do you suggest that we should done as the aim is to get the citizenship in 5 years period for the entire family.An expert opinion will be highly appreciatedThanksread more
Khurum Khan
Khurum Khan
13:27 09 Nov 20
I gained lots of knowledge with help of this web site it is very informative.I have some questions plz answer .1 -... What is the minimum house price to buy in order to get a residency permit?2 - we are a family of three me 46 year old my son aged 22 and daughter aged 19 . can we by one house or 3 houses to get property residency permit for all of us ?3 - How many month a person to stay in turkey per year for qualify a Turkish passport because my both adult children are studying medicine in Georgia .4 - How many years will the three of us have to wait to get citizenship?read more
Emad Babaei
Emad Babaei
12:18 23 Oct 20
HelloIm from Iran ( I have Iranian Passport ) but I live in Budapest. I would like to study in Turkey. Do I have to... get a student visa from Turkish embassy before going to Turkey or can I just go to Turkey and register at my course and then apply for Student residence permit ?May I also ask how long does it take to get an appointment at the immigration office and then how long does it take to receive the Student residence permit ?Thank you very much for your helpBest regardsread more
Tommy Ade
Tommy Ade
00:06 14 Oct 20
Hello,I am a Nigerian citizen, and I would like to apply for the tourist residence permit. I read that in Antalya the... residence permit is provided in a month or less sometimes.1. Is it possible to apply for the residence permit in Antalya and then move to Istanbul after receiving the residence permit?2. In that case, will my application be accepted if I have a rental contract for just 1 month as I plan on moving to Istanbul and rent another apartment there?3. During the time my application will be processing, can I open a bank account, deposit money in it, and make transactions?I would appreciate if you could shed some light on these matters.Warm regards,read more
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