Dear Customers, If you fulfill the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, please try to apply by yourself before taking consultancy services. Applications for residence permits can be made easily through the Immigration Office web site. But applying with a missing file and providing the wrong documents can cause you to lose time and money.

Which foreigners can get a residence permit?

Those coming to Turkey
for investment purposes
Those coming to Turkey
for treatment purposes
Foreign Employee's Family
Those who will settle
in Turkey
Those Married to a
Turkish citizen
Those who want to get a
Work Permit

It's easy to work with us

Your time is limited and bureaucratic processes are bothering you:

  • Write to us, let’s prepare your road map. Contact
  • Let’s tell you the necessary documents according to your residence permit
  • Let’s make your application and get your appointment.
  • Let’s send you to the appointment with a complete file.
  • We will notify you immediately if there is any changes in the laws after you have received your residence permit.
  • If you want  let’s do the extention application together again next year.

ATA Kurumsal residence permit turkey services company, The best.

May 2020 – Our Monthly application statistics

How we work & Why should you choose us?


Priority in business needs is reliability. Customers want to trust the company they will be doing business first. That’s why our company’s core is “trust” and the definition of trust; our character, our capabilities, our power, and the accuracy of our work.

Think Simple

Our main goal is always to make our customers’ lives easier, so we focus on the right spot, avoiding complicated structures, challenging and tedious processes.

Being Respectful

We are very sensitive about respecting our Client. No position, title, age, gender, or any other difference is a distinctive feature for us. Our attitude is always professional respect and courtesy.

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