Our Company’s forefront service and with 100% expertise is work permit consultancy: Since the day we were founded, we have managed thousands of our clients’ work permit applications successfully and transparently. please check our references


Ata Institutional Consultancy is a candidate as an Authorised Intermediary Institution of the Ministry of Labor, our rules and our procedures are specific. That’s why the people who work with us are always one step ahead.

All of our personnel are expert and educated in this field, who are also proficient in five different languages.

We have clear and defined rules. We do not go beyond the rules, thanks to our experienced staff and departments, we make quick decisions and implement them.

We have a corporate culture, our employees are treated equally, and we provide special training to improve their personal / professional education.

Every decision we make is based on a business reason. Due to our business we learn and improve ourselves day by day and implement our knowledge for our clients.

The definition of our task is determined, we work in consciousness of what we will do, our objectives and responsibilities. We have the capability and experience of managing large projects.

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We understand the needs of people and institutions, we follow our work with great seriousness, it is easy to work with us.

First of all we do not apply for Work Permit which will be rejected.

  • Required Criteria – We check if you meet the requirements for employing foreign personnel.
  • Contract – In case the condition are compliant, we send you a consultancy contract that offers you to work with us and also define our responsibilities against you.
  • Information and Documents – We will require some information, documents and power of attorney from your side in order to do all the procedures possible within the scope of the power of attorney.
  • Check – Now everything is under our control, you will be informed about your staff’s minimum wage, insurance procedure, temporary assignment and other detailed information.
  • Confirmation – Your work permit has been approved but that is not it, we will continue to inform you about the Payroll and SSI procedure and all other matters.

Services we provide work permit consultancy

  • The Process of Evaluation and approval of the application
  • Notification of the minimum salary to the client according to the title of the candidate employee.
  • Management of the process of preparing the necessary documents by communicating with the candidate employee.
  • Making online Consular application for abroad application
  • Making a work permit application to the Ministry of Labor
  • Completion of additional documents required during the work permit application process
  • Doing the follow up of the application at the Ministry of Labor to ensure early approval of the permits.
  • Providing the necessary communication to solve the problems that may occur during the process.
  • Informing the Client and the staff after the work permit is issued.
  • Free consultation for SSI procedures if needed.



Priority in business needs is reliability. Customers want to trust the company they will be doing business first. That’s why our company’s core is “trust” and the definition of trust; our character, our capabilities, our power, and the accuracy of our work.

Think Simple

Our main goal is always to make our customers’ lives easier, so we focus on the right spot, avoiding complicated structures, challenging and tedious processes.

Being Respectful

We are very sensitive about respecting our Client. No position, title, age, gender, or any other difference is a distinctive feature for us. Our attitude is always professional respect and courtesy.

We Protect our Clients.

We inform our clients who want to get a work permit about all the details concerning the laws, however we do not make an application for a work permit that will be rejected. In this way, we ensure that our customers do not have unnecessary expenses. Here are our success rates ..

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